Sunday, May 31, 2015

2 years!

I feel like I have gotten so far behind on blogging that it is hard to want to catch up but sine I am awful at keeping a journal this is my way of remembering things so even if I don't get everything current at least most of the memories will be there.

Where do I start with my sweet little Bentley? I can't believe he has been in my life for 2 years! It has seriously flown by!

The day we brought Gage home from the hospital and Bentley has been a great big brother ever since.
  • Bentley can be so sweet and then the next second be tormenting everyone and everything in sight.
  • He is obsessed with animals. He has been every since he was little and he can probably tell you the names of over 30 animals and all of their sounds.
  • He is so stubborn! I wonder where he gets that from.... but he is so headstrong I know that if we can just direct it in the right one he will do amazing things one day because he DOES NOT give up until he gets what he wants.
  • Bentley loves Gage. They are so adorable together I can't get over it. Bentley is so helpful and whenever Gage is crying Bentley will go over to him and rock him or rub his cheek and say "Shhh, s'ok Gage,"
  • Bentley is always on the move! He is for sure going to keep me young and active because he never stops from the moment he wakes up until he goes to bed at night.
  • He is my social butterfly. Wherever we go he is always saying hi to everyone and it doesn't take him any time at all to warm up to someone. (Which kind of scares me a little because he has no fear...)
  • He has just recently started putting sentences together and it is so cute to hear him try to tell me stories. I need to record more of them because they are adorable!
  • The way he says thank you is the sweetest thing ever. "Tank tchoo"
  • Bentley calls Gage "Bubba" which is adorable and every morning when Gage wakes up Bentley gets so excited and says Hi Bubba! and gives him a huge hug and kiss.
  • Bentley's favorite foods are bananas, apples, strawberries (pretty much any fruit), fruit snacks, popcorn, french toast, eggs, mac-n-cheese, and spaghetti-o's.
  • I love this little boy so much and I can't believe how quick he is growing up!

    Bentley and his animals

    His first snow storm on Christmas Day, right after this picture he started screaming haha.

    He loves to go to the library to play on the ipads. He looks so grown up to me in this picture :(

    Trying to be just like Dad

    Birthday Cake! We had his party at Kiwi Loco this year.

    Seriously can't get enough of this face I love him so much!

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