Monday, March 17, 2014

Bentley: 10 and 11 months

A lot has happened in the last two months!

  • Bentley has 8 teeth! 4 on top and 4 on bottom!
  • He says lots of words: mama, dada, soft, bye, more, and gma
  • He is so close to walking! He thinks he still has to hold onto something but he will pick things up and walk so I know he can
  • He is a busy body. He is always getting into something I can't turn my back for 2 seconds and he is into something else.
  • He loves music! He will dance and clap and sing to almost any music.
  • He doesn't watch very much tv but when I need to make dinner and have him not crawl all over me he will sit and watch mickey mouse clubhouse. He loves that show!
  • He walks with his walker everywhere and learned how to turn it around himself.
  • He is such a good eater. He eats everything we eat and the only thing he has tried and hasn't liked so far is green beans.
  • Most nights he sleeps for 12 hours.
  • He waves goodbye and blows kisses. It is the cutest thing ever!
  • Just recently if I say "are you stinky?" he will wave his hands in front of his nose. haha
  • He loves when his daddy is home and sometimes when Josh will leave for work for the day Bentley will cry by the door. Poor kid he just misses his dad when he is gone.

Love those baby blues!

He was so tired of mom shopping!

Stinker did not want to take 10 month pictures

11 months!