Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bentley: 2 months old!

My sweet little Bentley is two months old now and he is getting more and more fun. It really is true that every stage they go through is so much fun. Here is some information about Bentley's second month.

  • He LOVES his bouncer. He would sit and kick in it all day if I let him.
  • He is always on the move. He is such a wiggle worm and I love it!
  • A couple weeks ago he started to smile at me instead of just smiling while looking elsewhere. I seriously love his adorable smile it brightens my day so much every time I see it. He has also started to talk and us and he has giggled a couple times.
  • A couple days before he turned two months old I put him in his crib in his own room. After sleeping in there a couple nights he started to sleep through the night and has been doing so for the last week! 
  • He loves going on walks and is so attentive to everything that is going on while we walk.
  • He loves his naptime in his bed. He has been so great about putting himself to sleep it is so nice. I turn on his rain noise and tell him goodnight and within the minute he is asleep with no crying.
  • At his 9 week appointment he weighed 9 lbs 13oz (9%) his height was 22 1/4 in (20%) and his head was 38 in (9%).
  • He loves to coo at us and loves to talk to Josh when he gets home from work. I love watching my two boys interact it is the most adorable thing!

I love everything about being Bentley's mom and I really wouldn't trade it for anything!

I love his wide mouth smiles!

Family movie night

He would not hold still long enough for me to get pictures that weren't blurry. But I still love him!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's in a name?

We were able to bless Bentley on Mother's Day, May 12, 2013. It was such a great way to spend my first mother's day we had so many friends and family come and support us. It is so wonderful to have a worthy husband who holds the priesthood and can bless our family because of it. I just love being a mom and I couldn't have asked for anything more wonderful than being a mom to my sweet Bentley.

I thought I would post on here how we came up with Bentley's name. First of all Bentley wasn't even on our list until the last two months or so. Our original list had Landon, Drake, and Dax on it. I also really liked Wesley but Josh was not fond of that one. I love having a family name as a middle name and I had already decided that if we named him Landon his middle name would be Keith after my grandpa but Keith just didn't go with Drake so I was looking through my family history for some other middle names. As I was looking I found my great great grandpa Joseph C Bentley and just fell in love with the name Bentley. But I wanted it as a first name and not a middle name.

Joseph C Bentley was sent by Brigham young to start the mormon colonies in Mexico so there is a lot of cool history there. As soon as I told Josh he fell in love with the name as well, and although there were still other names on our list both of us kind of knew that we were going to name him Bentley.

As soon as he was born Josh and I both looked at each other and knew that he was our little Bentley. So he is named Bentley after his great great great grandpa and his middle name is Keith after my grandpa.

Bentley meeting his great grandpa Keith.

Bentley's blessing day

Father and son I love these two boys so much!

Bentley with his Grandpa Tab and Grandma Karen

I made his whole outfit. I was actually pretty proud of myself and I think it will be kind of cool to have with all his baby stuff when he gets older.

He was hungry and not happy we were taking time away from eating to take pictures.

My whole family except for Tim who wasn't able to make it until later.