Friday, July 8, 2011

Playing catch-up

So I know I am really bad at this blogging thing especially because I was looking at some of the pictures I need to put on here and they are from march.... yeah...

Anyway this summer has been a busy one for us. Josh had to hire my little brother because he couldn't keep up with all the work he was getting by himself. So with that you can guess that business is going really well for us right now.

I am just enjoying a summer without any school work and I am working at coldstone about 40 hours a week which is really nice to save up some money before school starts again. Also I have been babying my little garden... which has been thriving by the way.( I will post pictures in a sec).

I think that about sums it up other than the pictures I will post. We went on a fun family reunion on Josh's side to Lake Walcott and I am really upset with myself because I think I took two or three pictures the whole time we were there... oh well we made some good memories.

Here are the picture updates:

We went to Wicked in Boise and Josh actually really enjoyed it

Cute niece and nephew Vanna and Cash they insisted on giving each other kisses on the cheek while I was taking pictures.

They finally both looked forward. So cute!
I convinced Josh it would be fun to dye easter eggs even though we were a little big

Our egg line-up
So this was before we put the garden in the back
And this is the after. I would upload more photos of it but blogger is being slow.
First check to his first employee

Josh at the campout

Really bad picture of me but josh is always hot!

Halle's pants were a little big

Silly kids!
First employee
 Ok no more pictures for now it is taking forever to upload these!

Till later!