Thursday, July 22, 2010

I know it's been a while....

So apparently I am not to good about keeping up with my blog but really my life isn't that interesting. Anyway, I guess I will tell you what has been happening this summer anyway.

1. Basically a week after school got out a started summer school which was kind of a drag but hey at least it's over and it was only a month of my summer
2. The day that summer school got out Josh and I drove down to Denver, CO. We went to a conference there called Secrets of The Millionaire Mind that we got free tickets to. It was actually really interesting and we learned a lot of things about our finances that will unify us as a couple and be able to better manage our money. During the conference we were staying with my Uncle Jack and Aunt Anita. They were such great hosts and we loved catching up with them and spending some time in their cute little neck of the woods. They live In Franktown which is a bout an hour south of Denver so we got to ride the train in everyday which was quite the experience.
These pictures are of my Uncle's 1929 Model A Ford that he was refinished and he took us for a ride in to the nearest Sonic drive-in which was so much fun!

3. The week after getting back from Denver I started rehearsals for my play Hairspray. It was so much fun and I made so many great friends! We only had 13 days to prepare a full show of dancing, singing, and amazing acting. It was a lot of hard work but totally worth it in the end. I am so blessed to be able to work with such talented people.
Me playing Brenda in Hairspray!

4. Well now the play is over which is very sad... but I have my life back now! I have been working really hard on getting a website done for an art gallery and I am hoping there are a couple more in store for me this summer so I can have money for school next semester. Meanwhile Josh has been working like crazy this whole summer and is pretty worn out. But in spite of it all he is bound and determined to start headstrong into his own business: Hall Paint and Furniture. So if anyone needs the interior of their house painted, or you are looking for some nice refinished wood furniture Josh is more than willing to do the job.

5. As far as the rest of the summer goes, it looks like we will just be busy promoting Josh's business as well as going to all the family reunions that are happening.

And that's about it in our exciting life I am sure that once this next school year starts there will be many more adventures headed our way.