Monday, November 18, 2013

Bentley: 7 months

I am about 2 weeks late posting this maybe sometime I will be quicker at posting :)

I can't believe how quickly Bentley is growing up he blows my mind everyday with the new things that he knows. I really can't picture my life without him now he brings so much joy into my life and I love him so much!

  • The day before he turned 7 months his two front teeth cut through.
  • He loves to eat food! Every night he eats some oatmeal cereal and he always devours it without any problems. He also loves carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, pears, bananas, prunes, and bananas with blueberries. he also loves those little sweet potato start cereal. And he just recently started loving cheerios. It is so fun to watch him get excited about feeding himself :) He hates the baby food green beans, peas, peaches, and apples. I don't blame him they don't smell very good anyway. But if I make them fresh in my food meal he will eat them just fine.
  • He says "mamma" all the time and I love it! I know that he doesn't know yet exactly what it means but it makes me so happy to hear him say it!
  • He still hasn't figured out the crawling thing quite yet. He will still inchworm everywhere and roll wherever he needs to get. And ever since he was little he does this thing on his tummy where he flails around his arms and legs like he is swimming. I think he thinks that he is going places but really it is just kind of funny to watch him look like he is high centered swimming haha.
  • He loves going over to grandma and grandpa's house and it makes it a lot easier to leave him there when I know he is so excited to be there.
  • He sits up great now without support. He really likes me to be in the room though when he is sitting up so it makes it really hard to get anything done but I just have to keep reminding myself that this phase won't last long and I need to cherish all the time I have with this sweet boy.
  • He is still the happiest baby I have ever seen. We get compliments daily about how happy he is and everyone always wants to know if he is just having a really good day but really he is just like that everyday and I love it!
  • If I set him up on his knees next to something he will pull himself up to it.
I LOVE my little man!

Our "despicable" family

He loves this blonde haired little girl!

A boy after my own heart watching hairspray with his mom.

The cutest minion ever!

He was not impressed with the leaves haha

He loves to play with the piano pedals

He is always such a happy boy in the morning! :)

Helping me put away some clothes.

Standing up all by himself!

He was so smiley for his sixth month pictures and he would not smile at me for his seven month ones little stinker!

Haha I couldn't resist he couldn't move in his snow suit!

He loves his carrots a little too much :)