Monday, January 20, 2014

Bentley: 9 months!

9 months in 9 months out! I can't believe how quickly time flies! I love my little munchkin and he surprises me everyday with the new things he is learning.

  • Bentley has 5 teeth now with one more trying to pop it's way through. 2 on bottom and 3 on top.
  • He jabbers a lot and occasionally says mama and dada. Usually he says mama when he wants something from me :)
  • He learned how to wave and when he wants me to pick him up he waves both of his hands at me it is so cute how can I resist!
  • He loves to play peek-a-boo. It is his favorite game! He will take his blanket and cover his face inititate playing it with us.
  • He would be totally content if I just walked around with him all day long. But unfortunately my back can't take very much of being bent over like that. I am sure I will regret saying this once it actually happens, but I really look forward to the day when he can walk by himself so that I don't have to walk with him all day and can actually get some stuff done.
  • He still just army crawls everywhere but he climbs up onto anything and everything.
  • He loves to eat, especially food that I am eating. If we sit down for dinner and I put him in his high chair with some cheerios he throws a fit until he sees me give him something that I am eating and then he is content. Silly boy.
  • He definitely knows what he wants. When he wants to walk around he will grab onto two of my fingers and won't let go until I walk him around the house. 
  • He loves cats. My parents have cats and every time he sees them he lets out a very excited yell he also does this same yell anytime he sees Michael or Steven (my little brothers) it is so cute!
  • His 9 month stats are: weight: 16 lbs 2 oz (less than 3%) height: 27 in (10%) head: 43.9 cm (13%)
And now sorry but there will be a picture overload. I just can't stop taking pictures of my cute little man!
Merry Christmas!

His face cracks me up! This is a crocheted outfit from my grandpa that he gave me when he first found out we were having a boy.

Church time

Christmas morning with daddy

Christmas sunday best

This cheesy grin makes me laugh. He was eating a pear and every time I told him to smile he made this face at me. So cute!

Playing with his best friend Permelia Jane

He WOULD NOT smile for his 9 month pictures! Little stinker. He was not happy I was making him sit still to take pictures. So this is as good as it gets.

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  1. I love the "picture overload". He has such a great smile - I especially love the one of him cheesing it while eating pears. And he loos so sharp for church - just such a cutie all around! I always love to read the updates!